Roman Oxtail Coronavirus Stew

The Insane Story of the Guy Who Killed the Guy Who Killed Lincoln,
Meet Boston Corbett, the self-castrated hatmaker who killed John Wilkes Booth come Jack Ruby.

It’s a story nearly 150 years in the making, steeped in death, myth, and uncertainty. Abraham Lincoln, now viewed as a martyr who ended slavery and preserved the Union, was in his time hated as much as beloved. A vaunted stage actor, John Wilkes Booth, killed him believing the death would revitalize the Southern cause. It didn’t, and Booth was hunted and himself killed. He died paralyzed and helpless, unable even to lift his hands.

Or did he? Since the official account was released in 1865, there have been doubters. Stories bubbled up from the collective unconscious: Booth had survived, lived out his days in obscurity — either haunted by his infamous killing or unrepentant to the last, depending on who’s telling the legend. The stories never gained much credence among historians, but they’ve persisted, returning every few decades like unquiet ghosts. John Wilkes Booth is dead, but his legend is not at rest.

As we all know, reality often exceeds fantasy and in the case of the coronavirus, we awoke one morning with the unexpected announcement and muffled in the background, screamed by hundreds of speakers, which, from 18 hours today, the Universal Judgment would take place , organized by Bill Gates, Barak Obama and George Soros, with the extraordinary participation of Vice President Joe Biden who for the occasion stated that his challenger, Donald Trump, had to stop smelling the children and calling himself President. Biden then left his room, escaping the control of the secret services. Only late in the evening, he was recaptured by Brennan and Clapper, while, abandoned in the arms of Abraham Lincoln’s statue, he was crying desperately, trying to convince Lincoln to be his murderer, John Wilkes Booth, personified by the actor comic, Alec Baldwin. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi passed away at the last minute for an attack of diarrhea due to chocolate indigestion.

(Episode 2- Season 1)

Quella mattina Joe si svegli

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